I want to sign my dog up! How does it work from here?

1. Meet & Greet:

Before your dog can come on an adventure, we will need to come to your home or a local park to meet in person and take your dog for a short walk.  This will help us know what service would be the best fit for your dog.  This is also when we would organise the days that would suit everyone's schedule and get your dog booked in for adventures. 

2.  Solo Walks & Integration: 

We always start with a handful of solo walks to get your dog practicing his/her basic obedience and leash manners.  We work at the dogs pace and then integrate him into the pack that best suits his energy. 


3.  Pick Up:

Once your dog is ready for his pack adventures, we will pick him up between 8.30am-9.30am from your home in our custom fit dog van - you do not need to be home for this, just let us know how we can collect your dog from your property.

4. Adventure Time: 

We choose what off road track to explore and we are off!  Our adventure walks generally go for approximately two hours, sometimes longer if the dogs want to keep exploring!  Our aim is to choose a different track each weekly session.  We then gather all the pack back into the van ready for the return trip home. 


5. Drop Off: 

Depending on how far we have adventured for the day, we aim to drop your dog home between 12.30pm-2pm. If they are a bit wet or muddy, we will towel dry them off or put them under the hose if it is sunny out. 


Keep an eye out in the afternoon for all the photos and videos from the days adventures! 


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