If you work long hours and can’t exercise your dog, find that doggie daycare isn’t the ideal environment for them, and know that a walk around the neighbourhood just doesn’t tire them out, then give your best friend exactly what they need: ADVENTURE!
Each of our services include drop off and pick up and owners can have peace of mind knowing that your dog will ride in safety and comfort in our custom crated dog van. 



Sun, Surf, Sand and Play! Your dog will get two hours of off-roading adventure time with quality exercise, enrichment and socialisation. Our adventures take us galavanting across the greater Auckland region, from the Northern forests of Riverhead to the wild west waves in Waiuku! We keep them moving, according to their individual abilities, so that all of the adventure dogs get the exercise they need.


$50 Casual: One booking/week 

$40 Regular: Two or more bookings/week


Suitable for: Dogs with basic obedience and good social manners. 


1.5 hours - 2 hours walk time 



Catering to the dogs that need a good stretch around the block or require a slower pace. Our local street walks focus on providing daily mini adventures to the local reserve or park, with smaller group sizes for those pups that prefer their own space.

$35 per walk 


Maximum 4 dogs per group 

Suitable for: Dogs with specific needs/ physical restrictions or prefer their own company. 

1 hour walk time 

Pawse & PLAY


Twice monthly, we will be facilitating doggie socialisation days in the safety of our private farm.These are essentially 1-1 behavioural sessions for your dog that will help them to discover their inner play style. These social days cater to the needs dogs who require a helping hand with learning how to make friends, read dog body language and require the experience of our handlers to guide them through it. As there is a lot of information needed to be passed on about these sessions, it is best to get in touch with our experienced handlers so they can have an in-depth conversation with you.

$60 per booking 

Suitable for:  Dogs who need help making friends and require some 1-1 time before joining walks.

2.5-3 hours walk time 

Mangere Bridge, South Auckland 

Auckland dog walking 

Dog training 

Off leash adventures 

Neighborhood dog walks  

Dog social days 

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